“Take care” “go careful” 

“stay safe”.
I’ve been careful my whole life. I’ve taken precautions, stayed safe, kept with the right crowd. But when I stopped and looked at where it’s taken me, I realised I’ve ground to a halt. It hasn’t kept me safe. All the precautions and “good for you”s, the expert opinions and wisdom handed down through generations… all adds up to nothing under the wrong circumstances. 

I’m sicker than anyone I know, I have less money, time, and freedom…..I’m not playing your game any more. I’m not going to be dominated by the “what if”, “you shouldn’t”, and “it’s not sensible” that people have tried to instil in me over the years. That the world dictates I should be slave to. I’m leaving the comfort zone of advice and experience of those who have gone before me, I want to make it on my own, I can’t do much worse than I have done so far.
So goodbye to “safe” “sure” and “reliable” and hello freedom, experience, and fun. 
I’m leaving now, and I don’t expect to return.



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