I’ve seen tears in your eyes
Heard apologies sincere
Now I’ve seen scars left by the lies
It’s not your voice I want to hear

You held me so tight
Whispered comforting words
But this tight isn’t right
The true sentiment I’ve heard

To those around it all looked fine,
Your version so convincing
But when the door closed I’d see the sign
I felt your grip releasing

The pain that came next was akin to none
Mentally, emotionally, draining
The arguments you felt you’d won
Were just me, in a corner, refraining

I’ve seen the good in you
Been victim of your temper
It was too good to be true
But him, I’ll always remember.

I hope to see him again
The man I thought was you
And while I can’t stay here til then
If he ever returns I’ll be true

So while I wait a while to see
I’ll remember you from afar,
But I wont let you get the better of me
With accusations so bizarre. 



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