I’ve been told
By many who mean very well
On the idea they’re sold
If I grow old alone I’ll dwell

Upon our love
And what could have been forever
But when I look above
The world seems smaller together

I’ll answer to you
We’ll have each other
But will you be true
I won’t wait to discover

I’ve been burned before
And have many fears
Since I’ve seen many more
Who have wasted their years

Don the rose tinted specs
‘Nobody’s perfect’
Deceiving themselves
To prove that you’re worth it

Look at the burns
Suffered by many
It’s different they say
I know him already

He’s kind; he cares
He loves us all
What would you say if he took down the wall

One day he will
And you won’t be prepared
Why didn’t you tell me
I thought you had cared

It seems he has changed
And I won’t admit it
It was there all along
I just didn’t see it.

Help me get out of this terrible mess,
Hide me away, I just need to rest.

Oh look there’s another
He will be fair
Don’t tell me he’s not,
You clearly don’t care.


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