A Moment In Time

I lie on the sand 
Grip tight hold of your hand
I close my eyes and I see 
This is the way I should be

I took in every sound,
The wind brushed my face
I’m firm on the ground
This is my place

You’re here with me
I don’t want it to end
I listen to the sea
Then start to pretend 

If I concentrate hard
Feel every motion
It will be on my heart
Not a moment forgotten

And when the day ends
The sun slowly sinking
I will bring it all back
In a moment, by thinking

I’ll remember the song
The sound of the waves
You by my side
The sun and it’s rays

No one not here
No one forgotten
No one to harm
No danger we’re caught on

A glimpse of paradise
I’ve never seen it before
With you by my side
And us on the shore.

You tell me, get up, 
It’s time now to leave
A moment in time
Now kept on my sleeve

I’ll be back here some day
But it won’t be with you
I’ll hear the song
And I’ll wish that you knew

I miss you so much
The way we had been
I’ll see you again
And not just in my dream

The wait is so hard
I think back to then
Almost perfection 
But for us, not for them

I’ll see you again
And be sure, when I do
It will be perfect for them
Not just me, not just you.

Our perfection was but a moment in time
Imagined inside, 
Us sitting in sunshine

It could have been better 
The moment not lost
My concentration disturbed, without any cost

I’ll see you again, not a moment too soon
And I’ll wait for you here, with my burst balloon.



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