He’ll fight you all the way
No thanks to be heard
There’s Nothing you can say
That wouldn’t be Dismissed as absurd

Don’t tell me what to do
It’s not this tough being you
I haven’t got the time
I don’t want to climb

The nurse is wrong
The doctor hates me
It’s been too long
Don’t start to berate me

I’ve seen it all
I know what’s best
Just let me fall
I’m too depressed

I never asked your help
Well never wanted to anyway
Put me back up on the shelf
I’ll do it my own way

I used to be strong
If you think I’m not now
You’re all in the wrong
But I wouldn’t take advice from you anyhow.

I never loved you, you see
It was all an act
So get away from me now
And don’t bother coming back. 



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