Old Green Town

Roll up roll up
Come and see the sights
The beauty of the hills
The waters and the lights

The rolling hills so lush and green
The carcasses stuffed in valleys between

Shepherds care for all around
With guns and sticks if any make a sound

The walls are green
The waters black
Poison to quench the townsfolk
before they hit the sack

The people smile
But never care
They carry knives, be well aware

You mustn’t run
You mustn’t play
They’ll knife your tyres in broad day

Don’t make a noise
Be seen not heard
Wait, don’t be seen, they’ll still have words.

The trees are dead
The birds are few
They’ve got fed up,
Like me and you

Prices high
Compassion none
Don’t ask them why
They’ll make you run

Come in come in
They beckon all
But woe to those who answer the call

And once they’ve got you
In their trap
They’ll take all you have
Your will they’ll sap

They’ll squeeze and crush
Until you fall
They’ll Kick what’s left while you can’t crawl

When at last your time is done,
They’ll turn up their nose
Just move along

Roll up, roll up,
It was their fault not ours
We’re clean as a whistle
See our expensive cars.

We bought them with blood of many
Young and old
scars aplenty

Come in come in
We’re glad to see you
We need more souls
For the use of our crew

We’ll beat you and bruise you
Til you’re flat out of life
Then move onto the next,
Maybe your wife.



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