To Flee: Verb. To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or a difficult/threatening situation

The night is young
You’re feeling old
The water green
The house is sold

The car’s been wrecked
You’re covered in sores
You drive it regardless
Without any doors

Past the police
Past all the stares
Funny you think
That nobody cares

The bonnet fell off
Thats another piece gone
You didn’t want it anyway
More junk to bring along

You’ve got enough baggage
Without peices of tin
Seen enough damage
It’s lost most of it’s sting

The less you have the less you’ll lose
So make your way in tatty scuffed shoes
The less to lose the less to hurt
Your memories safe in layers of dirt

In the scuffs you see scars
Remember the fights
In the dirt there are stars
And dreams of the night. 


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