A Man With A Dream

What is a father to a daughter
A man who provides only food and water?

Or someone to heal, to help, and protect
When everything else in your life is a wreck

A man with a dream, 
for you he will care 
Because without you his dream 
Becomes a nightmare 

Safe in his arms, his shelter and grip
The world could explode
But he won’t let you slip

You’re so precious to him 
It’s almost a bind
But you know you can win 
With him by your side

His words won’t always be to your taste
But be sure they’re all to keep you from waste

And when you look back
If you don’t know it now
You’ll see that his track 
Was to show you how

How to stay safe
How to get the best
How to avoid strife
How to pass the test

He loves you, you see
You’ll never slip through the cracks
The way it should be
He’ll always have your back. 

He’ll make it safe for you to dream
And help you make the dreams come true

When they do you’ll feel familiar arms,
and know that together you can conquor the stars



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