Guinea pig eye injury (Hay poke, corneal ulcer) successful natural treatment, colloidal silver. (With pictures)

Hemp the Guinea pig had a nasty eye injury, AKA “Hay poke”, including probable corneal ulcer, which you can see in the pictures. In bad cases injuries like this can lead to blindness, or even removal of the eye, and are usually treated by vets with a course of antibiotics/painkillers/anti inflammatory meds, but still can leave scarring, which can interfere with vision.  
There was no hay in the eye, and after a lot of research, and checking she wasn’t distressed (not rubbing her eye or withdrawn, going about her usual business), I decided to treat her with 2 colloidal silver drops, straight in the eye, 2-3 times a day. 

This is the progress over 3 and a half days (gross eye photos warning) 

She is now using it as normal, and as far as we can tell there won’t be any lasting damage 👌🏻 I will continue to administer drops until the clouding has fully gone, and then update the post on her progress.

Needless to say I’m keeping a bottle handy, and I’m pretty much a walking advert at the moment 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Notes: If you use colloidal silver, make sure it’s a reputable brand, any issues I’ve seen during my research occur from ‘home made’ recipies where the silver particles are too large. 

This is just my experience and does not constitute medical or veterinary advice. 

Hay poke is just like it sounds, GPs don’t close their eyes when they snuffle through hay, so sometimes they get poked in the  eye! 🐹


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