Not for a person or a place
Not a friend or a face

Greif for a time
A moment so rare
We were there for a while
Something to share

Now its lost
Not to return
The pain of the cost
The sting of the burn

The music we heard
Was music so sweet
Its him you preferred 
I caved in retreat

Now the music we heard has a different meaning
The one you were dancing to all along
The truth is out and not so appealing
Now there’s only pain in our song.


A Moment In Time

I lie on the sand 
Grip tight hold of your hand
I close my eyes and I see 
This is the way I should be

I took in every sound,
The wind brushed my face
I’m firm on the ground
This is my place

You’re here with me
I don’t want it to end
I listen to the sea
Then start to pretend 

If I concentrate hard
Feel every motion
It will be on my heart
Not a moment forgotten

And when the day ends
The sun slowly sinking
I will bring it all back
In a moment, by thinking

I’ll remember the song
The sound of the waves
You by my side
The sun and it’s rays

No one not here
No one forgotten
No one to harm
No danger we’re caught on

A glimpse of paradise
I’ve never seen it before
With you by my side
And us on the shore.

You tell me, get up, 
It’s time now to leave
A moment in time
Now kept on my sleeve

I’ll be back here some day
But it won’t be with you
I’ll hear the song
And I’ll wish that you knew

I miss you so much
The way we had been
I’ll see you again
And not just in my dream

The wait is so hard
I think back to then
Almost perfection 
But for us, not for them

I’ll see you again
And be sure, when I do
It will be perfect for them
Not just me, not just you.

Our perfection was but a moment in time
Imagined inside, 
Us sitting in sunshine

It could have been better 
The moment not lost
My concentration disturbed, without any cost

I’ll see you again, not a moment too soon
And I’ll wait for you here, with my burst balloon.


Old Green Town

Roll up roll up
Come and see the sights
The beauty of the hills
The waters and the lights

The rolling hills so lush and green
The carcasses stuffed in valleys between

Shepherds care for all around
With guns and sticks if any make a sound

The walls are green
The waters black
Poison to quench the townsfolk
before they hit the sack

The people smile
But never care
They carry knives, be well aware

You mustn’t run
You mustn’t play
They’ll knife your tyres in broad day

Don’t make a noise
Be seen not heard
Wait, don’t be seen, they’ll still have words.

The trees are dead
The birds are few
They’ve got fed up,
Like me and you

Prices high
Compassion none
Don’t ask them why
They’ll make you run

Come in come in
They beckon all
But woe to those who answer the call

And once they’ve got you
In their trap
They’ll take all you have
Your will they’ll sap

They’ll squeeze and crush
Until you fall
They’ll Kick what’s left while you can’t crawl

When at last your time is done,
They’ll turn up their nose
Just move along

Roll up, roll up,
It was their fault not ours
We’re clean as a whistle
See our expensive cars.

We bought them with blood of many
Young and old
scars aplenty

Come in come in
We’re glad to see you
We need more souls
For the use of our crew

We’ll beat you and bruise you
Til you’re flat out of life
Then move onto the next,
Maybe your wife.


Inconsistency Towers

Most of the time rooms are known by a descriptive word, usually what they contain or what you do there, e.g, bathroom, bedroom, living room, sitting room, lounge, washroom, dining room, utility room, mud room, reception, study……What happened when they named the kitchen?


To Flee: Verb. To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or a difficult/threatening situation

The night is young
You’re feeling old
The water green
The house is sold

The car’s been wrecked
You’re covered in sores
You drive it regardless
Without any doors

Past the police
Past all the stares
Funny you think
That nobody cares

The bonnet fell off
Thats another piece gone
You didn’t want it anyway
More junk to bring along

You’ve got enough baggage
Without peices of tin
Seen enough damage
It’s lost most of it’s sting

The less you have the less you’ll lose
So make your way in tatty scuffed shoes
The less to lose the less to hurt
Your memories safe in layers of dirt

In the scuffs you see scars
Remember the fights
In the dirt there are stars
And dreams of the night. 

Poetry Drug

Poetry isn’t my thing
I’ve never expressed myself well
I always loved to sing
A sound to shatter a bomb shell

I don’t care if it rhymes
And you can’t hear the tune
Tried to appreciate it at times
Only it was too soon

Then I took a new drug
Meant to heal all my ails
And caught a new kind of bug
Writing poetry tales

I started to type
Didn’t have much choice
Began to appreciate the hype
At least now I have a voice

To air my thoughts
Things I wouldn’t have said
Didn’t want to get caught
With all this junk in my head

But someone showed me a way
And along with the drug
I realised it was okay
Using the poetry bug.



I’ve been told
By many who mean very well
On the idea they’re sold
If I grow old alone I’ll dwell

Upon our love
And what could have been forever
But when I look above
The world seems smaller together

I’ll answer to you
We’ll have each other
But will you be true
I won’t wait to discover

I’ve been burned before
And have many fears
Since I’ve seen many more
Who have wasted their years

Don the rose tinted specs
‘Nobody’s perfect’
Deceiving themselves
To prove that you’re worth it

Look at the burns
Suffered by many
It’s different they say
I know him already

He’s kind; he cares
He loves us all
What would you say if he took down the wall

One day he will
And you won’t be prepared
Why didn’t you tell me
I thought you had cared

It seems he has changed
And I won’t admit it
It was there all along
I just didn’t see it.

Help me get out of this terrible mess,
Hide me away, I just need to rest.

Oh look there’s another
He will be fair
Don’t tell me he’s not,
You clearly don’t care.